Wine Pairings

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Wine recommendations and their Goddess Body Shop pairing!

Rosé + Strawberry Crunch Bath Soak + Rose Clay Mask

Relax with a nice bottle of Rosé Wine. The sweet aroma of the strawberry Crunch Bath Soak will add a touch of sweetness to your self care moment. Add in the Rose Clay Mask to add that spa element to your new pink routine. Glam things up a little!

White Sangria + Tropical Smoothie Soak+ Glow Clay Mask

Sangria is such a fun wine because you find an assortment of fruit fusions depending on the brand. Pair your bottle with the Topical Smoothie Bath Soak and Glow Mask for an exotic island getaway. You'll feel like the vacation has been brought right to your bathroom.

Red Wine + Beauty Sleep Soak (Lavender)+ Rose Clay Mask

Red wine is said to have some serious benefits but it has always been a sleep inducer for me. Pair your lavender Bath Soak with this wine for a relaxing nightcap. Our Rose Clay Mask is like a lullaby for your skin. Own your night routine!

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