What's Next?

Self care will always be a necessary part of life. The trendiness and social media popularity will eventually wind down and self care will begin to lose it's glamour. Jobs are starting to slowly integrate back into the office environment so routines will change again. Gyms are opening back up so home workouts and makeshift routines will change as well. Social guidelines are also relaxing a bit more now with the number of vaccinated people in the US climbing so even how we socialize can change. With all these changes it is important to keep a routine to balance out the shifts to our personal and work lives. Changes can be spectacular and impactful but they can also be chaotic and stressful. Self care routines are necessary because they are adaptive. We can remove things from our routine and add things on whenever needed. If your work life changes and you need to add a commute back into your schedule, it may be necessary to remove the morning run you started when the office went remote. Looking over your schedule, you may decide that you can now fit a gym session in before you commute back home. Whatever changes occur, we must always remember to find time to focus on self care. It's how we preserve our mind, body & soul, when the world around is out of our control. To the question of what's next, continuing the work.

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