What On Earth Is A Goddess Bath?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I do not know about you, but the first time I heard the term Goddess Bath, my mind thought; fancy rich people bath. As I began to dive deeper into the Self Care world, I realized that baths are a minor luxury we all can afford. A Goddess bath is a ritual of cleansing the body of negative energy and thoughts by aligning your body with the three elements of nature. The bath itself is the Water Element. You are surrounding yourself with a body of water filled high enough to encompass most of your body. The Fire Element is activated by lighting candles to set the scene and creating a glowing ambiance. Tealight candles or small votives are often the candle of choice due to their ability to sit on shelves, bath corners or other small spaces. Lastly, we add in our Earth Element. The flowers used in the bath bring the nature portion of this element to life. It can be taken up a notch by adding a crystal wand such as Quartz or Amethyst or a Himalayan salt tealight holder. Once all the elements are in alignment, the Goddess Bath can proceed. As you wash your body, you imagine the stress, worries, despair being cleansed from your body as well. Once the flowers/fruit are removed, the bath can be drained, and you should visually imagine that negative energy flowing down the drain. You should be left with a renewed since of self and optimism about what lies ahead. We all deserve a moment or two to live, and bathe I guess, like a goddess!

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