Self Care For Teens

Self Care is for every age group. We all need a little TLC to get us through tough times. Navigating self care with teens is important because with modern day technology and so many ways to stay to stay connected, they can be very much in need of some well deserved downtime. In my city, Remote Learning is the education wave and it feels like our teenagers on riding out current. They are being asked to stare at computers, laptops or tablets for hours on end, maintain contact with friends using social distancing measures such as social media and/or Facetime etc. Maintaining mental well-being during all of this and making time for self care may seem difficult but here are some tips for creating a self care routine for your teenage loved ones.

  • Limit Screen Time - Make sure they know it's not a punishment but an opportunity to unplug for a little.

  • Provide sports/outdoor equipment to ensure no matter the weather, fresh air and exercise are always an option.

  • Help figure out a self care routine which can include a daily beauty regimen, meditation/yoga, positive affirmations or music therapy.

  • Take advantage of this time to teach them life skills. Credit management, saving money, cooking, sewing, etc.

  • Get to really know your teen. Find out what activities interest them and use this time to join them and establish new common activities.

  • Find new ways to connect them with their friends to maintain some sort of normalcy. Drive-thru lunch dates, outdoor activities where distancing is not an issue, write letters or create playlists for each other.

No matter which activities you choose, keep in mind that the goal is to allow your teen to figure out what works for them and keeps them feeling balanced. Self care can be anything that makes us happy and focuses on taking care of our mind, body & spirit. Have fun with it!

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