Self Care for Our Potential Self

As important as self care is for the person we are today, it should be just as important for the person we wish to be. As a young girl, a lot of us imagine our wedding and being able to proclaim our title as wife. We look forward to the joys or sharing our life with someone, purchasing our first home and possibly having children or pets. There are many things we do take care of ourselves so why not take care of our future self as well or lay the foundation for us to become that person. Self care for the version of us that is in progress is just as important to our routine as taking care of our current version. For example if your goal is to get married, what can you do now? I am a huge fan of planning. Grab a wedding planning and some planner stickers and map out your favorite color schemes, centerpieces etc. Even if your not even close to being ready to married, you'll learn a lot about yourself as well give your mind a mini project when you need to step outside of thoughts for a little bit. There are other scenarios that you can prepare for as well as give yourself a self care experience now. I am currently in school to become a Medical Office Assistant and will be graduating soon. When I graduate I will be working in an office where my dress code will be a lot different from my current sweatpants and giant size t-shirt combo I'm currently rocking. I love thrifting for fabulous finds so I make sure to thrift occasionally on the weekends and look for blazers, blouses and dress pants. I mostly shop online for my day to day wardrobe so for me shopping is my self care escape. Knowing that I am accumulating my wardrobe for my future job without the stress of a last minute trip and knowing that I can take my time only makes it that much more relaxing for me.

I challenge you to figure out a goal you have for yourself and then find a way to incorporate a self care item specifically aimed at setting yourself up to accomplish that goal. I promise you, your future self will thank you!

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