Self Care For Men

Let's talk about self care for men. It is important that everyone understands that self care has no limitations. It is not meant for one group of people over another and is not confined to any sex, gender, race, age or sexual preference. Self care is important to men in a way that is different than it may be for a woman but it nonetheless is, self care. You may be asking yourself, what does self care look like for a man? Well that is the beauty of self care! It can be just about anything you can imagine because self care is an expression of your innermost self. Men's self care can be in the form of skincare such as a shaving routine, beard care or general body care. There is something about a man who looks like he has put in a little bit of time to perfect his appearance that appeals to most women. Self care can include physical activities. It can also be a basement workout session or a quick pickup game at a court of field with friends. Physical activity is an important part of a self care routine because it helps us maintain our health but also fulfills our need to connect with others. On a spiritual level, you should find a hobby to take on that can be done at hone. Men are often driven to activities that occur outside of the home. Try engaging in an activity that enjoy that you can regardless of outside forces such as weather, other people's time etc. Take on a plant and learn how to care for it. If you're interested in a new career or starting a business, buy an e-book on business tips or research information on how to achieve the career you are interested in. Or simply learn how to cook your favorite dish to eat. One thing I heavily suggest for men, is to really dig a little deeper into is the mental side of self care. Let go of any stigmas about seeking professional help and book an online therapist. Work out any problems, trauma or barriers in a safe space and allow yourself to heal from the things that may have previously been pushed down inside. Stop the transference of unresolved feelings into your friendships or relationships and allow yourself to be the very best version of you that can exist. Mental well-being does not mean that all of your are problem or worry free, but that you know how to handle these situations in a healthy way. Self Care should help us to balance out the negative energy we experience from daily challenges we face with positive energy and happy experiences. It is the part of lives we can dictate in a world full of things completely out of our control. It's about learning what heals us, makes us happy and what serves our future self. I challenge every man reading this, to finding a self care routine that embodies you.

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