Self Care For Children

Who said self care was just for adults? Absolutely no one!

Kids should have a self care routine just like us adults need one. My kids favorite self care activities include nail painting and bubble baths. As old as they get, they understand the importance of decompressing. I think its very important to instill it in our kids early, the importance of taking care of our mind, body & soul. Earlier this year we found a meditation mixtape on Spotify specifically for kids. My girls 6 & 9, learned how to still themselves, focus their breathing and clear their minds. It became a great bedtime routine and way for them to go to sleep with a clear mind and hopefully have great dreams! We even added kids yoga videos we found on YouTube to their routine. During the week when the kids need an activity to do or exercise, they enjoy stretching and pretending to be in their favorite cartoons. In the mornings, they started noticing me do my face masks and now we do face masks on weekends. They wrap their hair up in their different color headwraps and have a blast applying the mask on each other. It's become a sister bonding routine and I hope they continue to do this well into their 20's like my twin & I.

Your self care routine for kids can be anything you can imagine; reading, cooking, growing a plant or bubble baths with a cool water toy. The important thing focus on, is that they know that every now and then we need to focus on caring for ourselves. That's how they'll make it through the day and the rest of their bright futures!

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