Self Care Bucket List

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The bucket in my list looks a lot like this and yes.... the ideal one is a plain boring one that's used to housing mop water but this one screams C'EST LA VIE!

A Self Care Bucket List is a list of self care routine, activities or events that are more than your daily skin routines, mantras or calming rituals (music, tea, meditation etc) Have you ever just wished you could take a day off work and take a long scenic drive? Or thought how freeing it might feel to go to the ocean and put your feet in the sand? I live in New Y, so beachfront and oceanfront are definitely not the same thing! Your self care bucket list should be full of things that will make you feel centered, excited or relaxed, but it should be things that you can't do everyday or may have put off for a while. Embrace the season of saying YES TO YOURSELF! Sometimes when we are in a rut or feeling like our routines are sucking the life from us, we need something to look forward. Planning a quick little getaway or brunch with the girls can give your mind a positive focal point and give you a little light to look forward too. You can make your bucket list into a vision board party and connect with family & friends! There might be some overlapping things on everyone's list that you can help each other accomplish. You can also start a Self Care Pool for the moms, where everyone takes turns hosting the children for social distancing safe events like movie night or an outdoor picnic (Six feet apart preferably with masks) so mommy can have a little time to check off self care experiences.

I hope you enjoy creating your Self Care Bucket List! Below are a few things on mine if you'd like a few ideas:

  • Make a DIY candle (Aromatherapy, spiritual crystal etc)

  • Have a fun photoshoot (Cute pool float relaxing, Sunflower field etc)

  • Call off work and binge watch a new show in pjs

  • Find a new recipe and film myself like a cooking show

  • Crotchet a thick blanket for fall with huge yarn

  • Girls night in with my ladies recreating music videos and drinking champagne

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