Physical Self Care

Let's talk Physical self care. These are the activities we do to maintain our own mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Why is important to work on the physical aspect of self care? Our bodies are the foundation and structure of our complete being. When our body breaks down and doesn't work properly, it begins to affect our mental and spiritual well being. Think back to a time you were sick. How much of a toll did the those symptoms take on the your normal vibe? Did you feel like your normal spunky, sarcastic or outgoing self? Our bodies need care because we use them everyday and need a little a recharge every now and again. We need to maintain that same energy not only to prevent illness or health issues but to preserve those positive body image we have already worked on. My skin is combination but I will say that I don't have major skin concerns. I still incorporate face masks in my routine because it helps me maintain and control my skin before it becomes an issue. When I am severely stressed out, I can feel pimples forming under my skin and promptly sprint to my medicine cabinet for my clay mask powder to detox my skin. Any beauty routine, skincare routine can be incorporated into your routine along with exercise, yoga, meditation etc. Physical self care is about the steps we take to embrace, supplement and nourish our bodies. What forms of Physical Self Care do you partake in?

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