Calming The Storm

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

A self calming ritual is a process that brings comfort and soothes your mind when you are feeling anxious or uneasy. It is a good idea to have a few of these rituals locked and loaded for use at a moments notice. For example, I have a Spotify playlist that is full of melodic, soulful music. When I am getting frustrated or angered by a situation, I play this playlist. Now don't expect immediate resolution of whatever issue is at hand with one song. However, I believe our bodies remember the feelings that certain situations have brought us in the past. Similar to how when you love someone, if you think about a moment you had where you last hugged them, you may physically feel the wave of emotion from craving that embrace again. The music may bring back sensory memories from the first time you heard it and thought, "this song speaks to my soul".

Some other examples of self calming rituals include: knitting, reading, cooking, baking and beauty such as face masks, pedicures, manicures, etc. I wanted to create a face mask that was more than just a product. Clay masks have their skin benefits but I want to focus more on the experience it creates. The mask comes in powder form so not only do you get more masks than you would with liquid form but you get to enjoy the process of creating the mask first. Mixing the powder with water and using the applicator brush is like a mini project. It gives you time to clear your mind and focus on the current task. Once applied you can add in another calming ritual such as reading a book. This will help you pass time while the clay hardens and you can mix up which hobby, activity or practice you use each time to add some spice to your self care routine.

Remember, self care is a direct expression of your inner self. Let it glow!

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