2021, What's Next?

2020 was definitely something! So many people experienced loss, gains, motivation, grief and everything in between. With this change of year, we should reflect with 3 things in mind.

Acceptance-Last year should be a lesson learned for everyone. No matter how this year went, we have to be able to look back at it through an analytical lens. What were your downfalls? What were your achievements? What goals were accomplished? What goals did we lose traction on accomplishing? Take everything that happened, and take a moment to reflect. We grow immensely and can do better when we learn from our past.

Evaluation-Whether your takeaway was negative or positive, we can use that energy to fuel or purpose our new year. If you experienced a loss of income due to being out of work or a reduction in hours, you can start to reevaluate your career path. You can look into certifications, continued education or maybe exploring a new career path that aligns more with your passions. If you made changes and they resulted in personal or financial growth, what can you do continue that trend? The question should be what can I accomplish next.

Action-If 2020 has taught me anything, It is that action can make all the difference. I had this idea of starting a self care boutique and blog but I procrastinated so much, I made myself believe it was a nearly impossible goal for me to accomplish. One day I decided to check and see if I could get an LLC under the name I was thinking. I searched for any trademarks and made sure the matching domain was available, and it was! I decided it was destiny and that I needed to take action or else I'd continue to dream and wonder. I stepped out on faith and purchased my LLC for $200. I knew it would b the push I needed to follow through with the process of setting up my business. Every now and then we just need a little wind beneath our wings in order to truly fly. I task you with figuring out one action that will allow you to accomplish a goal you have for 2021. An obtainable and measurable action that can be completed within the year. Write it down, speak it into the universe and I have faith that one of these days you will step out on faith and believe in yourself. 2021 is the year of possibility!

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